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All Services Online - Billing system online

Published: 08/01/2016

All Services are online Speedy server will be running on IRC very shortly All billing systems are online and invoices have started to generate Any unpaid invoices will mean services will be suspended by the 20th of this month Thank you Trustnetwork24 Limited

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Datacentre - Downtime - Raids

Published: 17/11/2015

Our Network has been down for the last few days due to datacentre raids, We are working on getting all services online again as soon as possible and are working hard on resolving this Services should be up as soon as possible - INVOICE ISSUE: The invoice system is down - Dont worry your ...

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Shell Server - Bismillah

Published: 26/01/2014

Server Bismillah has been having problems for the last few hours. We are working hard to resolve this and will shortly update clients once this has been resolved. Credit is given on request. Update: Service was stuck at the boot up screen due to a kernel option that prevents it from ...

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Trustnetwork24 - Chicago

Published: 14/01/2014

We have resolved all problems in the Chicago facility. Everything should be working perfectly fine now. If you experience any problems please do contact our team via the billing system Regards, Kamal Abubaker

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Trustnetwork24 - Chicago back online

Published: 11/01/2014

Our Chicago facility is back online. We will be preforming upgrades on 21/01/2014. Please contact us if you would like us to back you up in any way. Regards, Kamal Abubaker

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Trustnetwork24 - Urgent notice - CHICAGO NODES.

Published: 09/01/2014

Important announcement: Many of our clients reported issues with some nodes on our Chicago facility, We are trying hard in finding the problems, we suspect it may be on one of our routers/firewalls which is faulty and causing the issue, Some clients will have continuous downtime, on there IPV6 ...

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New Shell Server

Published: 04/01/2014

A new shell server for IRC purposes has been launched Existing clients can get accounts: $2.5 / month - $5.00 / 3 months for 1 account. If you would like a private deal please submit a ticket. Regards, Kamal Abubaker - CEO/Founder

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Shell server migrations

Published: 31/12/2013

Hello. All our shell servers will be migrating. please backup your data incase of failures. regards. Kamal Abubaker - CEO

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Trustnetwork24 Limited - Downtime (Upgrades)

Published: 10/08/2012

I personally apologize for this late notice We will be preforming system maintenance on all of trustnetwork24 facilities This will cause downtime on Dedicated and VPS servers on all of trustnetwork24 nodes and cloud services If you’re a webhosting customer this should not affect your website ...

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Network upgrades

Published: 29/04/2012

This is just to notify you we have expected router upgrades in our Chicago facility We will be replacing the core router. This will cause a maximum downtime of: 3 hours. During this time the network may bounce a couple of times. ETA: 60 Minutes Date: 29/04/2012 - Time: Any time ...

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